NCBA selects 6 farms for Environmental Stewardship awards

· July 17, 2017

Six farm families were recognized for not only being some of the nation’s best cattle and livestock operations, but also for their stewardship and conservation efforts during the 2017 Cattle Industry Summer Business Meeting last week. This year’s Environmental Stewardship regional winners will compete for the national award, which will be announced during the Annual […]

NCBA names Anne Burkholder Advocate of The Year

· July 14, 2017

“Feed Yard Foodie” blogger and cattlewoman Anne Burkholder has been selected for the National Cattlemen’s Beef Assocation inaugural Advocate of the Year award. A Florida native, Burkholder moved to Nebraska with her husband in 1997 to run a family feed yard that had been in her husband’s family since the 1970s. Since then, the mother […]

House committee votes to lift ban on horse slaughter for meat

· July 14, 2017

There’s no question that people have wildly differing opinions about whether using horses as a source of meat is a good thing. For proponents of slaughter in the U.S., permitting such facilities would allow a humane and regulated way to increase the food supply without having the animals go through a stressful trip beforehand to […]

BioZyme: Several options for feeding through a drought

· July 13, 2017

With drier than desirable conditions across several pockets in the U.S., livestock producers have been challenged as they depend on those forages for their cattle to graze during the summer months. However, one BioZyme expert says there are several options for producers looking to survive the drought. “There is not one right answer,” said Kevin Glaubius, Director of […]

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Tribute to American Cowgirl Katie Fairfield

· July 12, 2017

Photographer and watercolor painter Gabriel Krekk has spent years using art to celebrate the American Cowgirl. In the past year, he has done half a dozen tribute videos to cowgirls. In his most recent, he showcases the photoshoots that covered two and half years across three States with American Cowgirl Katie Fairfield of North Dakota.

Want to help ranchers in drought? Check out NDSU FeedList

· July 11, 2017

For the ag community looking to help their fellow ranchers affected by the drought, the North Dakota State University’s FeedList is making it easier. An update to the site now allows farmers and ranchers in other areas to donate feedstuffs easily to North Dakota ranchers who are short of pasture, hay, and other livestock feed […]

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Wisconsin inmates filling dairy workforce positions post prison

· July 10, 2017

Eight inmates have successfully completed a first-of-its-kind agriculture prison program in Wisconsin and now have the skills to enter the state’s much needed dairy workforce post-prison. The Dairy Worker Training Program is an eight-week long certification program done in partnership with Moraine Park Technical College where inmates have the opportunity to learn about herd feeding, […]

California dairy cattle carcasses piling up after epic heat wave

· July 10, 2017

Livestock deaths have been on the rise in California’s Central Valley after a major heat wave hit the region throughout June and into July, and now rendering plants are having a hard time keeping up. According to The Porterville Recorder, a local state of emergency was extended on June 30 in San Joaquin Valley due […]

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